Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sweet Stuff

It's been a while, but I am back and ready to brag! This little person, pictured below, is the sweetest guy you will ever meet.

I dare you not to love this face. Here he is just happily watching the birds. Second only to the llamas (pronounces mamas).

And this one, well she is a snuggly bug. Who gets treats and lots of 'em. We discovered a gelato shop not 5 minutes from our house! This is her first taste of bubble gum ice cream! She loved it but traded me for chocolate right after this shot. A girl after my own heart.

And speaking of my heart... how happy is she? This just a Tuesday afternoon. Yep. That is what we do on Tuesdays. Acrobatics.

And of course, Belle's favorite pastime. "I want to hold my baby brother!" can be heard on any given day at any time.

Baby feet in baby clovers

I had to add this because she still loves him this much. And he returns the love. Whenever Belle hurts herself (which is quite often these days as I'm afraid she has inherited her mother's coordination), Colin holds out his arms and says, "muh Belle?" "muh" being the sound a kiss makes.

And my big proud moment... Belle at school! She is working on sight words now & beginning the BOB books at school!

How huggable is that?

And this? This is what happens while I make dinner. Belle practices writing or makes "birthday cards". Colin practices being a little brother.

And of course, we still make brownies.

And big eyes.

This is Target.

You can't see this very well, but the upper left is the children sweeping after breakfast... can you see the mess that comes just from breakfast?! And then a little fun in the backyard. Belle loves pushing Colin on the swing. Colin giggles and giggles. And of course.... we end with smiles.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

To The Man

I am late on a BDay update for my little Dino-Man! C. Rex had his 1st Birthday!!! I like to think that it took me so long to write about it because I am still in denial. He still seems like a tiny guy to me, but I can tell he is growing so fast. And so a little something to remember this, one of the favorite times in all my life, by.

                     Colin Rex, Age 1, Loves...

Grampy Twin
Balls (esp. this one bought just for him) and his favorite word is "ball".
And speaking of words, Colin can be very quiet or very noisy. He isn't one for in between.

Mommy's sunglasses. Such a treasure.

Eating! He has yet to refuse a food. (knock on wood)

Daddy Twin. They could not look more alike.

Big Sister, and the feeling is mutual. Seeing them love each other is the best thing in the world. I'm pretty sure nothing will ever top it.

Kisses - giving, getting, on the tummy on the nose and especially on the toes.


Balloons (Blloos) He is back there, I promise.
What can I say about this little man? It's so cliche, but Colin is everything I never knew I couldn't live without. I always knew I needed a Belle. A little girl would fill my heart's content, but a little boy? Lovable, yes. Need? YES. Coli is my soft, squeezable, SWEET, content little guy. He is smart and unassuming. A funny thing to say about a baby, but it's true. I am so lucky that I got him. I am lucky that I have both of my perfect little people.
Happy Birthday to the tiniest Dinosaur Man! Mommy loves you!

Monday, December 31, 2012


As much as it ends, it begins. A fitting saying for New Year's Eve as well as a summation of my 2012. With every bitter sweet ending, (the newborn stage, the chubby toddlerhood, the solo coffee and cookie dates) came a new beginning (the talker, the cuddler, the double dates, the double stroller). I must admit that having 2 was not always easy, but it was always full. Full of possiblity, full of love and light and sheer joy. Full always to my heart's brim. Void of sleep perhaps, but full of midnight cuddles and kisses that wiped away sunset tears. Full too, sometimes of self-doubt, of dirty diapers, and overflowing dishes. Of bumps and scrapes to the skin and the soul. Full of learning how to pick yourself up and brush it off. Remembering that not only is tomorrow another day, but this is another moment. Full of new experiences, new words and phrases, new touches and sights and sighs and loves. Full of dimply baby hands and cheeks, tubby tummies, newborn skin and new found confidence. So, no it wasn't always easy, but I'll tell you what, I will take full over easy any day of the week. Any year. Cheers to the new year, my friends! May someone always refill your life as well as your glass.

Here's to the 3 someone's who have refilled mine.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

"I Get All Wishy Washy" - Frosty the Snowman

Sometimes I get a little sentimental over the holidays. In honor of that :) here is a comparison of my 2 little munchkins. I am obsessed with both of them - I could eat them up I love them so!

Belle at 10 months

Colin at 10 months
Christmas 2010 - 13 months

The camera went into panoramic mode a bit here, but I love Colin reaching for the train! He would be holding the ball just like big sister if the ornaments were out yet. The ball is still Belle's favorite.

Belle said "angel" for the 1st time while putting the angel on top of Grammy and Grampy's Christmas tree in 2010. This year, Colin said, "Angel" after I handed him an angel ornament while decorating their tree. Both were the sweetest little sounds I've heard.

But just to show their individuality, this is Colin doing something Belle would NEVER do at his age! Digging into sand & getting insanely dirty. Dainty Belle would have had her hands in the air, saying, "no no", but not our guy!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Latest

This happy little guy is quite the talker! He can say "mama", "dad", "mo' (more)", "Ah Dah (all done)", and last night he said "ni ni (night night)" to daddy! He has said "belle" once but mostly he calls big sis "blah". haha!

This big girl is learning to read!! I purchased the "Bob" books for her & she practiced reading the 1st 2 this morning! She is a little nervous & shy about it, but boy was I impressed with her! Knock on wood but I think she'll be reading in no time!
Smart and cute to boot, in a mother's humble opinion!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sweeter Than Pie

I made them! What did you bake today?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Call The Guards!

This little boy has stolen my heart

And this big girl has run away with it.